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Products ★ Measuring TANK

Material1Cr18Ni9Ti Tistainless steel,carbon steel board
Class3 standard metal measuring apparatus uncertainty0.5〜10-3
5、10、20L includes straight-style portable
20L SFE-3-XG
             20L SFE-3-XG
50L SFE-3-XG
             5L SFE-3-XG


SFE-3-XZ Measuring Tank it is an kind of products specially made for the exports. Mainly it is 5L,20L,50L products. This Measuring tank with three reforcing band, from the top, middle and bottom. So that it is can be trictly protect the measuring tank being in safe kind condition. The measuring tank can keep measuring precise.

Now we have two types of the measuring tank for this kind for different regions. Can produce the measuring tank as your requirements.


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